Central Louisiana’s Only
Medical Marijuana Pharmacy

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient?

1. Have ANY condition your physician deems debilitating
2. Get an evaluation and recommendation from a physician
3. Patients will need to have their recommendation FAXED or e-scribed in the future by a prescriber directly to The Medicine Cabinet.

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What Conditions Are Treatable With Medical Marijuana in Louisiana?

As of August 1st, 2020, physicians can now recommend Medical Cannabis for ANY condition that they consider debilitating to their patient.
Louisiana law allows for ANY condition considered debilitating to an individual patient to be treated with medical marijuana.
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Our Facilities & Services

The Medicine Cabinet was honored to be awarded a license by the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy to dispense medical marijuana to the patients in 8 of the Central Louisiana parishes.

These parishes include: Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn.

Our Products


Description: the smokable part of the cannabis plant  

How to Use: Smoke using a joint, blunt, pipe or bong 

Time It Takes to Start Working: Almost immediate 


  • Helps treat fatigue
  • Helps reduce anxiety 
  • Helps treat neuropathic pain 

Description: Cannabis infused liquid extract  

How to Use: Can be swallowed or placed under the tongue 

Time It Takes to Start Working: After 15 minutes when placed under tongue; 60-90 minutes when swallowed 


  • Helps relieve pain  
  • Helps nausea due to chemotherapy  
  • Helps reduce muscle spasms 
  • Helps improve sleep 

Description: Cannabis infused creams/lotions 

How to Use: Apply directly to the skin like you would any other type of cream or lotion 

Time It Takes to Start Working: 1 hour 


  • Helps relieve pain, soreness and inflammation 
  • Potentially helps psoriasis, dermatitis, itching, headaches and cramping 

Description: Cannabis infused food products  

How to Use: Digest infused food products 

Time It Takes to Start Working: 30 – 90 Minutes 


  • Helps boost appetite 
  • Helps reduce pain  
  • Helps treat weight loss in cancer patients 
  • Helps prevent seizures 

Description: Cannabis infused mist or vapor  

How to Use: Inhale from a vaporizer cartridge or dab rig 

Time It Takes to Start Working: Almost immediate 


  • Immediate Relief 
  • Can make the cannabis more effective  
  • Lack of cannabis smell 

Description: Cannabis extract produced by the herb being compressed with a heated pad to squeeze out hot oil 

How to Use: Consumed by dabbing, vaping, smoking or oral ingestion 

Time It Takes to Start Working: 45 minutes to 1 hour 


  • Helps improve sleep 
  • Helps boost appetite 
  • Helps reduce anxiety 
  • Helps relieve pain  

Our mission

The Medicine Cabinet is committed to uniting best practices from traditional medicine and non-traditional therapies for enhanced patient outcomes. We want to help combat the stigma that surrounds herbal therapies, including medical cannabis, and to help further integrate plant-based medicines within mainstream healthcare.

This mission is supported by legal experts, patient advocates and healthcare leaders as an effort aiding in and leading to a healthier Louisiana.

We now carry pharmacist approved CBD products!


"Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, discreet... the total package for Cenla MMJ patients... I was in and out quickly, and the pharmacist and staff were super friendly and helpful. I suffer from chronic pain and sleep issues and these are helping tremendously! Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!! God bless yall!"


"I really appreciate the TIME they took TO EXPLAIN all of the various products and their willingness to ensure that all QUESTIONS were ANSWERED before I left."


"Cannabis has helped my family find a more balanced home and work life and it has inspired us to help educate fellow Louisianans about the medical benefits of this “miracle” plant!"


"The tincture helps tremendously for my depression and arthritis pain. I made gummies with the RSO oil and it helped me sleep a lot better."



Want a Faster Checkout Experience at The Medicine Cabinet?

Want a Faster Checkout Experience at The Medicine Cabinet?