The Louisiana Association for Therapeutic Alternatives was founded by the patients, pharmacists, doctors, and business professionals who worked to help create Louisiana’s medical cannabis system.

As people react differently to different substances, please seek the guidance from your healthcare professional.

Louisiana Association of Therapeutic Alternatives

 Through that experience, the LATA founders were exposed to a different way of approaching disease management, utilizing both traditional and non- traditional remedies. LATA was formed to advocate for the implementation of a strong, well-regulated, therapeutic cannabis system that puts medicine and patients first.

However, we are not focused on cannabis as the single therapy for improved health outcomes, but on plant-based medicines, activity, diet, nutrition, social determinants of health, and pharmacist/physician patient care coordination. LATA is committed to uniting best practices from traditional medicine and non-traditional therapies for enhanced patient outcomes. We want to help combat the stigma that surrounds herbal therapies, including medical cannabis, and to help further integrate plant-based medicines within mainstream healthcare.

LATA is supported by legal experts, patient advocates and healthcare leaders as a resource in developing policy which will lead to a healthier Louisiana.